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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Joe Satriani - Flying In A Blue Dream Album (1989)

I have heard all of Satch's albums and for me this is probably the greatest album he has ever done.

If you've heard 'Surfing with the alien', this album will be no different, but Satch has many more different, interesting songs here. Straight-ahead shred-rock ('Back to shalla-bal' and 'One big rush'), some funk ('Bells of lal part 2' and 'Strange'), a bit of folk/country ('The feeling' and 'Phone call') and a bit of 80s metal ('Big bad moon'). Don't worry, 'cause Satch still uses great guitaring and solos.

For me Satch is great at making amazing solos, but also making them more… very musical, and not just a load of notes thrown together. He is very talented at composing songs, as well as being a great guitarist. He also includes his famous double handed tapping tecnique in the beautiful 'Day at the beach' and the not-so-good 'Headless', and the complex 'hand-holding-the-neck and hammer-on' tecnique in the fantastic 'Mystical potato head groove thing'.

Track lists :

1. Flying In A Blue Dream
2. The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing
3. Can't Slow Down
4. Headless
5. Strange
6. I Believe/Interview
7. One Big Rush
8. Big Bad Moon/Interview
9. The Feeling/Interview
10. The Phone Call
11. Day At The Beach (New Rays From An Ancient Sun)
12. Back To Shalla-Bal
13. Ride
14. The Forgotten (Part One)
15. The Forgotten (Part Two)
16. The Bells Of Lal (Part One)
17. The Bells Of Lal (Part Two)
18. Into The Light

Download full album here

Credit goes to original uploader! Peace yo!

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